“Don’t forget about me”


Too often we get caught up in things that take over our life and all of our attention. Too often we forget to do things that are good for yourself and do things that you like to do.We forget how to be independent.

At the beginning of this semester I overloaded myself with too many commitments. I was working for the school newspaper, committed to my sorority Delta Gamma,The broadcasting club, KTSW radio station, working as a fitness coach part time and trying to maintain a relationship and friendships.

I barely had time to sleep or eat and had no free time to do anything I liked to do. I would love taking runs to the river, or doing weekly facials on Sundays, or blogging and I didn’t even realize I hardly even had time to do my favorite things.

Now that I finally have time to myself again I have promised myself to never regret alone time but to cherish it. Take some time to rejuvenate yourself.

From a more spiritual point of view, sometimes being alone and having alone time is what is best for you at this moment in time. Do not feel sad or lonely because it is only a sign from God to retouch with yourself and him. I once read a quote saying, Sometimes God is making you be alone during this time because it is his cry for alone time with you. God is seeking for a intimate personal relationship with you as your father.

From another view, you should never forget to do the things you love to do. Never forget the things that relax you and make you who you are. Jam out to your favorite music, explore the town you live in, go hiking, go thrift store shopping, but don’t forget to never be afraid to be alone. Alone time is major KEY. 


Death is not one to fear:

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As easy as it is to mourn over the passing of someone especially if they were very close to you, you must not let these feelings of sadness overwhelm you. Of course it is natural to be a little sad and miss them (a lot) but overall you must look at the bigger picture and realize that they did their time here on Earth and now have moved on to the after life where things are simply perfect.Regardless if you believe in God or not this person is no longer suffering, whether it be physically or emotionally they are simply now at peace!

It’s easy to let thoughts of regret get inside your head; “I wish I could apologize for that one time”, or maybe you wish you could of shared more memories with this person. This is not the way to look at it, know if you are a believer you will soon see these people again. You should smile in the  beauty that you gained yourself an angel to look after you and protect you at all times.

Death is not one to fear, everyone one on this earth momentarily will eventually pass away. It will come the time even you will pass away however, this is not something to fear rather, you should anticipate it. Anticipate it with the same excitement that is filled in children before opening presents Christmas morning.You work hard on Earth trying to gain a name and respect for yourself. It’s not easy and I think God knows it is not easy, he didn’t want to make this life easy because it is a test; and just like any other test I have took in college it has challenged me. But the test is to overcome these challenges, God is watching you curious how you handle these challenges and oh will he reward you!! Be like the children anticipating the great presents they will soon receive, beat this life so your afterlife will be eternally great! Death is not one to fear, rather to anticipate! Keep going in this temporary life doing your very best and soon you will be rewarded.

Blogging and Social Media:

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I have always wanted to start a blog, as a young child (middle school-ish) I would type news letters for ‘news’ going on in each of my family members lives and title it “DUNN NEWS”, informing everyone what’s happening in each person’s lives as i would conduct interviews etc.

I never got the chance to create my own blog though just simply because I didn’t ever look into it. I had no idea what website to use or how to even start one until I took Fundamentals Of Digital and Online Media class at Texas State University. This class gave me the opportunity to not only create a blog about something I really enjoy talking about (and have a lot to say) but it gave me the experience to put my name out onto social media reflecting me positively not only with job searchers but just people searching me in general.

I share my posts to both Facebook and twitter so I love getting random compliments from my friends or showing my parents or other family members. One of my friends recently told me all her friends in her dorm “love reading my blog” those 4 words melted my heart!! Also, At a job interview this semester I mentioned my blog and the interviewer was very intrigued wanting to know more and even wanting access to it!

Not only did this give me a chance to create a brand for myself it also has given me more experience. One example is in my English 1320 class we had to create a video for our final, presenting our final research paper. I was super proud of the creative video I created with through iMovie because of the practice I had previously received in my FDOM labs raising my final grade all the way up to an A.

I still plan on carrying out this project. Overall this experience was great and loved doing it!

Check out the video I created for my english final!

…….and remember when life get’s tough. WE CAN DO IT!

We can do it!!!

Be strong because “WE CAN DO IT!”

An optimistic mindset:

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To pertain an optimistic mindset one must know that basically in the end everything is going to be okay. You can not let these small problems fill your mind, but rather breath and try and see the bright side of the situation. It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially in the midst of trouble but here are a few tips to remember.

We run into problems everyday from a simple cut on your hand to maybe a more serious problem such as a flat tire on the way to an important job interview. From big to small it is easy to let these problems fill our mind with worries but rather then letting these negative vibes fill your head just take a second to think, “It could be worse” and deal with these problems just one step at a time because that is all you can physically do. Don’t let problems take away your happiness, nothing nor no one should have that affect on you.

With a more optimistic mindset it will overall benefit your life 100%. As I began to look at life and my situations with a more calm approach I have simply been more happy. The ultimate goal in life is to be happy and not only will this mindset benefit you but you’re friends will also realize and want in on this positive vibration too, ultimately, making the world a better place 🙂

Positive thoughts=Positive life!



Let’s hear it for Lili:

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Give yourself a round of applause!

Give yourself a round of applause!

I recently spent this Friday night in. With the terrible rain and thunderstorms I felt it was the perfect night to clean the jacuzzi and pour a glass of wine (If you can’t tell by now, I love wine.) As I was laying there I came across Lili Rivera’s blog, a very powerful, moving blog. As I continued to read I got inspired by her life changing ways and how she incorporated humor in the best way into each post!!

Lili is a junior in college and knows how to relate completely to the everyday struggles we all seem to go through and gives great advice to overcome these struggles and how to be powerful! She has learned a lot throughout her life and learned self loving. I feel she is a credible speaker because she can personally relate to many people.

The humor incorporated in each post makes the reader feel comfortable and more likely to read more. Lili and I are both advocates towards a positive, better living lifestyle and her posts are very empowering. Her link is, https://perpetuateselflove.wordpress.com, I recommend checking her out!

Coping with the stress:

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Spongebob coping with stress with a smile. 🙂

Stress is a very common thing among Americans currently. If anyone knows a little bit about stress is a college student. From the never ending list of assignments, to being forced to grow up all of a sudden, to making all new friends and trying to be social with the stress of deciding what you wanna do with the REST of your life? Everyone undergo’s stress and lucky you, i’m here to give you a few pointers on how to deal with your stress.  🙂

One way to eliminate the stress is exercise. Exercising is actually a positive way to remove stress because you are benefiting your body and releasing all your stress though working out and not your innocent mail man who put your mail in the neighbors box (again.) When everything seems to be going chaotic and you just can’t seem to deal anymore throw on some shoes and go on a run. Think about the things that bothered you that day and literally “Run away from those problems.” Kick-boxing classes, offered at many gyms, are another way to relieve stress. After me and my ex broke up kickboxing became a great way to let out some negative angry energy and also make him super jealous of how hot I was becoming from working out so much! (hehe)
Sometimes you need to realize you are only human and you can only do one thing at a time. Take it slow and help deal with a bar of dark chocolate and maybe your favorite smoothie. (Dark chocolate is actually said to improve your stress levels) Lastly you need to have trust in a higher power that your life is already destined, you can’t let these small attributes of life bring you down, have faith in your higher power that they have everything under control and planned out. Breath.

Being Your Own Best friend:

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Learning to be your own best friend creates the most satisfaction in life. As much as I hate to admit it, people suck and almost everyone will let you down at least once in your life.  I have learned to not let these things bother me but to simply be my ultimate best friend. Trust in yourself, take care of yourself, do calming  things for your soul, do things by yourself and enter your inner peace to the sense of self loving.
No one is bound to stay in your life from best friends to boyfriends both are very temporary especially at such a young age. You must learn at a young age that you cannot put your trust in temporary people you must focus ultimately on self-loving. This does not mean don’t have love for other people because you should express positive vibes to everyone but ultimately you must care about yourself first because in the end, you’re gonna be the only one there for yourself.
Ways to take express self-loving could be things such as instead of going out one Saturday night stay home run a bubble bath (I recommend bath and body works “Stress Relief” bubbles,) light some candles, play your favorite playlist, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Another idea is to provide yourself with a little spa night. Do your nails, eyebrows, find a DIY facial (Pinterest has tons) and have all your girlfriends wondering what overly priced facial spa you went to. A little time for self-loving is good for the soul and once you realize you can be happy alone you will not need to depend on anyone for your happiness. As I like to say, I am a strong, independent black woman and I don’t need no body. (I’m a 19 year old small white girl lol)
                             Guard your heart

Music app: YouTube PLUS.

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Music is the way of life. Without music life would be more stressful and less of an enjoyment. Did you know 85% of people use music to escape from daily emotional stress? With this app that I have created I hope to create more happiness and ability to enjoy the world in a new form.

Music is not the easiest to access, all the good songs seem hard to find. With this app I hope to establish a more accessibility towards good music and a less stressful way to find it.

With my app that I have created, YouTube PLUS, you can now navigate the web and text your friends all while listening to your favorite song! This app gives you the ability to also download these songs onto your iTunes music for NO cost at all. The way music should be, FREE!

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